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Meet Edilia, one of our newest Stryder volunteers!


What is your role at Stryder, Edilia?
Hi, my name is Edilia (pronounced like Amelia.) I started as a volunteer with Stryder in February 2023. I work in the office answering phones, taking enquiries and bookings. Volunteering here is a way to give back to Stryder because they helped me when my husband suffered a catastrophic spinal injury two years ago. Like most people we were unaware of what community transport does and what purpose it serves. It was a whirlwind of hospital medical appointments, and it really helped us knowing Stryder was able to provide us with the transport we needed. We soon learnt what a lifesaver community transport is for people in need. Once registered for My Aged Care he was able to access Stryder’s subsidised services for hospital appointments, specialist appointments and regular rehabilitation services that went on for months.

Why Volunteer at Stryder?
My experience as a volunteer has been very rewarding. I’ve helped people from initial inquiry to recovery which is a real achievement. My co-workers at Stryder both employees and volunteers do their very best to help our clients. They are interested in the welfare of their clients and provide a door-to-door service with genuine care and compassion. They are concerned that our clients travel safely and because they are regulars our staff develop close ties with the clients. Client feedback is consistently outstandingly high.

The award-winning Stryder community transport serves mostly people over 65 who qualify for subsidised My Aged Care homecare services; and younger people with diverse needs. However, they don’t stop there, they also offer full cost services to individuals who would benefit from their door-to-door service, including people on Home Care Packages and NDIS participants. They do their very best to accommodate community needs in providing regular transport to health-related appointments-hospital, rehab, shopping and social outings.

What I didn’t know was that in addition, Stryder can also hire buses to community groups such as churches, Probus groups, sports groups, and schools.

Stryder’s social outing program is very popular with our clients, especially those who live alone. We also provide services for specific non-English speaking groups eg. Armenian, Chinese, Italian. Stryder can take you to visit friends, the hairdresser, the local club or shopping. I love hearing the feedback from our social clients about the Pearl Farm adventure; the best pub lunch or the fabulous gardens they visited with their Stryder friends.

Once you are registered with them, you simply call or book via our website with the details of your transport trip. The friendly operations team then do their thing to make it happen! If you are part of a community group who needs transport, please call Cathy to enquire how they can help you. Alternatively, visit their website to find out how you can be a part of the Stryder community, whether it is through volunteering, becoming a client or hiring a bus! We would love you to be one of them.