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It feels like Christmas has arrived early with the delivery of our new bus – the Yutong!


Believe it or not, the number of Stryder clients has steadily been on the increase, partaking in a comprehensive range of social trips that are lovingly curated every 2 months by our very capable Client Officer, Guiselle. So much so that our 19-seater vehicles simply cannot keep up with the demand to the point that we have started to generate a waitlist. We decided to order a new vehicle, the model is a Yutong which is a 27-seater. The excitment! Read on.


The Community Transport sector lived up to ‘Resilience’ – CTO Conference 2022


The Community Transport Organisation (CTO) Conference 2022 finally happened but the afterburn effect will last till we next meet. The theme ‘Resilience’ has certainly resonated with every communit ... READ MORE