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As a family member, friend, or carer, it is reassuring to know that when it comes to someone that you care for you are assured they have reliable, safe, personal transport options available. At Stryder, we conduct our business with operational and customer service excellence as our daily focus. This means making it as stress free and comfortable as possible.

It starts with a clean and well-serviced vehicle. Stryder endeavours to match clients with the most appropriate driver and vehicle to suit their needs. We understand the importance of punctuality and reliability and every effort is made to ensure clients’ wellbeing and safety. For instance, if a client is not at their pick up place Stryder has protocols to handle the situation. All this creates a peace of mind not just for the client but for family, friends and carers.

To use Stryder, clients do need to be able to travel independently. However, a family member or carer may accompany a client, at no additional cost if pick up is from the same address. Of course, Stryder’s drivers always assist from the door and into the vehicle and store any walking frames or wheelchairs.


For medical or everyday appointments, clients are dropped off at the venue and a driver will return when they are ready.  We ask clients to provide an estimated finish time and then to call the office when they are ready for the return transport. A card is provided with the phone number, and medical receptionists usually are more than happy to call on their behalf, if necessary.

For shopping trips, Stryder offers weekly group trips to shopping centres in Ryde and Hunters Hill LGAs and individual trips to other shopping centres can be accessed using Stryder’s Flexiride bus, Monday to Friday.

Stryder’s Social Outings are well-loved by those who use them. They offer a chance to go out on day trips, visit new places and make new friends.

If the person you care for lives in the Ryde or Hunters Hill Local Government Areas (LGA), Stryder is able to offer a subsidised service to eligible clients over the age of 65 (50 if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander). To access this reduced rate, clients must be assessed by My Aged Care and be referred to Stryder (known as Community Transport, Ryde Hunters Hill) for transport. Stryder is funded under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) to provide subsidised transport for entry level (low care) clients.

Stryder may also be able to assist vulnerable people or people with health related or other diverse needs (who are under 65) with a subsided rate. This is subject to availability and on application only. Please direct enquiries to the Client Services Coordinator to discuss.

If you like to register your client / loved one with Stryder, click the link below

For those who also have then registered with Stryder and would like to Stryder’s subsidised service, please call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or click below to register with My Aged Care. They will assess your eligibility and you can ask to be referred to Stryder (Community Transport, Ryde Hunters Hill).