Register as a First Time Client

I would like to use your community transport service


I’m a family member, friend or carer and would like to register a client on their behalf

I’m a health professional looking to register my client


I’m an NDIS participant and would like to register or request a quote


Thank you for selecting Stryder on behalf of your loved one or valued client. We appreciate that you have chosen to use our services. Our client community is important to us, our clients’ wider support regularly provide testimonials that using Stryder have given them peace of mind on our trusted brand promise.

We have designed the process and the form to be friendly and easy to register so that we can warmly welcome your family member/client as part of our Stryder client community. We would love for you to spend more time helping them contemplate the different services and interesting activities that we have put together to have them out and about.

To register someone on their behalf, you will need to complete the registration form. There is an option to list yourself as the carer and whether or not you or someone else will be travelling with them during transport. Once the registration has been processed either yourself or the client will be notified (please indicate your preference) and it is then a simple matter of making a booking. Carers or helpers travel for free as long as it is from the same pick up address.