New Client Registrations


Stryder provides both fee-for-service and subsidised fees for eligible clients. To register, please complete the online form below.  Alternatively, the form can be printed from the Download page.
If you are a frail older  person aged 65 years and over, or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, you may be eligible for subsidised transport.  To determine eligibility and be referred to Stryder, please call “My Aged Care” on 1800 200 422.  Please ask to be referred to “Community Transport– Ryde, Hunters Hill (Stryder)” as your preferred Service Provider.   “My Aged Care” has been established by the Australian Government to help you navigate the aged care system.  It has been designed to give people more choice, more control and easier access to a full range of aged care services.
Stryder also provides transport services to people with disabilities and is a registered NDIS Service Provider.
  • Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr:*
    Given Name:*
    Family Name:*
  • Date of Birth:*
  • Usual Address:*
  • Telephone:
  • Current Address (if different):
  • Emergency Contact:*
  • Doctor's (GP) Name:*
    Doctor's Telephone:*
    Medicare No:*
  • Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
    Country of Birth:*
    Main Language:*
  • Do you have cultural or linguistic needs?

    Do you live alone? YesNo

    Do you have a carer?( if YES please complete Part F)YesNo
  • Income:

    Pension - Aged
    Pension - DVA
    Pension - Disability

  • Living Arrangements: OwnedPrivate RentalPublic RentalOther

PART D – What is your ability to
  • Do Housework?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • Get places further than walking distance? (TRANSPORT)* Without HelpWith HelpNeed specialised vehicle or ambulance
  • Go out for SHOPPING for groceries and clothes?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • Take your own MEDICATION?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • Handle own MONEY?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • To WALK? ie. walking stick, frame, wheelchair* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • To BATHE/SHOWER?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • DRESS yourself?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • EAT?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • To the TOILET by yourself?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • To get out of BED and MOVE around?* Without HelpWith HelpCompletely Unable
  • Do you need help to communicate?* NoSometimesAlways
  • Do you have any health issues that will affect service delivery?
    Do you use:- Walking Stick
    Do you use:- Walking Frame
    Do you use:- Wheelchair
    Can you get in/out of our bus? YesNoUnsure
    Is it safe for our vehicle to stop outside your home?
    Car YesNo
    Bus YesNo
    Please state ALL access difficulties:
  • Do you need front seat of car? YesNo
    Do you need back seat of car? YesNo
  • Can you travel in a taxi? YesNo
    Do you have Guide DogOxygen CylinderOther
  • Do you receive other services from Home & Community Care? YesNo

  • How did you find out about Community Transport?
    Are you:

    Do you require Bariatric Seat?
    Do you require Extension Seat Belt?
    Do you use other bariatric aids ?
  • I require transport for:

    Access to

PART F (if applicable)
Do you have a carer
I understand that by using this service I consent to Stryder Inc. supplying non-identifying information to their funding bodies for planning and statistical purposes. I understand that Stryder Inc. will seek my consent before referring me to another service. I understand that I will be notified in writing of the success or otherwise of my assessment and that I will receive a copy of the Passenger Handbook outlining my rights and responsibilities. I understand that from time to time photos or videos may be taken during the course of our activities and used for promotional purposes. I understand I can call the manager if I have concerns about any of the above information.
I acknowledged the above.
Please note, all applicants over the age of 65 wishing to have access to our subsidised rates must also contact “My Aged Care” and be referred to this service. Their number is 1800 200 422.
  • Date:

Client Testimonials
  • “What a fantastic team Rosalyn has to be able to enjoy a partially independent life with you all by her side! She recently expressed to me, “in the last years Stryder has made me the happiest in my life”.  Thank you – Jeanette – sister.

  • Stryder has provided a quality service and I look forward to booking more buses when we are able to go on excursions again in the future.

  • “I would like to thank Robyn for going the extra mile and assisting me with
    my registration for your service. The whole process went seamlessly and your
    drivers are excellent.”

  • “Thank you for your wonderful service yesterday, making our Rotary Club’s “Vivid Experience” simple and convenient, with personalised service from your team”.

  • “I would like to thank Stav for her last minute efforts in providing me with transport to my medical appointment today.  I was very worried about missing it, so very appreciative of the effort she made.  Great Job Stav!”

    Maree G.
  • “Thank you for a great service.  Joseph drove me to and from Macquarie Centre.  Joseph was very helpful and assisted me to the door with care.  I appreciated this especially, as it was raining”.

    Mavis R
  • “I had a lovely trip today to Bondi Beach. Silvio also took us for a scenic drive on the way home and he is very knowledgeable about the area, thanks for a lovely day”.

    Betty W
  • “All your drivers are unsung heroes and they should be the ones receiving medals on Australia Day!  I would like to thank Iain who helped me yesterday as I was having a bad day and he made it better for me.”

    Olive S.
  • “Maria just wanted to say a big thank you for all our help last year and earlier this year and wanted to wish all the staff a merry Christmas as without our help she does not know how she would have coped without our assistance.”

    Maria C.
  • “I was very nervous today because it was my first time using your service but Steve the driver made my trip comfortable and I would like to thank Steve for all his help.”

    Mary S.
  • “Dianne, thank you for dropping the forms off at my home.    Such a load off my mind to know someone is there to help me to  my medical appointments. I really appreciate your dedication.”

    Edna E.
  • “Many thanks to all the drivers and bus assistants.  They are so helpful and make our social outings wonderful and enjoyable.  They are good drivers and we feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.”

    Betty W
  • “Thank you so much Robyn & Dianne for taking special care of us at Mary Poppins last week, your help was greatly appreciated.”

    Lauris & Ailsa (HHL)
  • “Malia & staff, thank you very much for caring and supporting my husband.”

    Sofi & Samir
  • “To all the voluntary workers at Stryder for their  tireless workers in the office for being so patient and understanding.  Thank you for all your tireless hands & feet.”

    Hazel S
  • “Stav & Malia, What a great trip I had thanks to the both of you.  You certainly went beyond your duties always there for us all and taking us to beautiful places, so relaxing, you both did work very hard and never grumbled.  I shall always remember Port Stephens trip so thank you both.”

    Joan R
  • “On behalf of the Eastwood Ladies Probus Club  we would like to pass on a very big thank you to Mike the driver who drove us to Ettalong Diggers Club for our Christmas in July Luncheon. Mike was a very careful, friendly and a thorough gentlemen which made our day very pleasant.”

    Barbara S.
  • “Dear Alan, Just a note to express our appreciation to you, as the driver, transporting the members of the Eastwood Garden Club today…. Thank you for being so pleasant and agreeable, with such competent driving skills.”

    Margaret C
  • “Thanks to Ken, who seamlessly handled the situation when bus had a flat tyre. Excellent composure and passengers were hardly inconvenienced at all.”

    Elaine C
  • “I had an enjoyable morning shopping at Macquarie (Centre) today…. Wonderful, friendly drivers and we are so well looked after. It’s a wonderful service.”

    Margaret W
  • “Thanks to all the Community Transport team for your tremendous, supportive, help. Heartfelt thanks for meeting the needs of people like me.”

    Daniel C