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It feels like Christmas has arrived early with the delivery of our new bus – the Yutong!


Believe it or not, the number of Stryder clients has steadily been on the increase, partaking in a comprehensive range of social trips that are lovingly curated every 2 months by our very capable Client Officer. Thank you, Guiselle.

The Social Program caters for trips that can be half-day, full-day social trips, overnighters, and include Mystery trips. This has generated excitement amongst our regular clients and that has also passed on to attract those who are new to it. It is about getting out there, enjoying the sights and wonders, or just being in the company of others, all with the convenience of Stryder community transport.

Our 19-seater vehicles simply cannot keep up with the demand to the point that we have started to generate a waitlist.

So much so that we ordered a new bus, a model called Yutong. It felt like Christmas had arrived early when it was delivered recently! This is a fancy 27-seat with the latest gadgets. Our drivers are clamoring to be rostered on it!

Our clients are equally excited at stepping onto the Yutong so that they can enjoy the pristine layout, the beautiful finish of the interior, and the glistening appearance of the exterior. Other treats include the fact that it is super comfortable to travel in and there is greater visibility to look out due to larger windows!

We are now gearing up to ‘go places’ for lots of fun trips. Imagine stepping on board the Yutong in anticipation of a beautiful drive meandering on the spectacular Sea Cliff Bridge and pulling up at the Scarborough Hotel, near Thirroul. ‘The Scarborough’ is perched on the Illawarra escarpment’s cliff edge where our clients can dine outdoors overlooking the sea with views up the coast to Sydney! What a maiden voyage it was!

Or hop on the Yutong for a leisure trip to Brooklyn and dine at the Estuary Restaurant & Kiosk, enjoying lovely seafood in an amazing waterfront setting that overlooks the Hawkesbury River.

For more trips, click to view the latest social events or call 02 9816 5000 a copy of our Social Calendar program.