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Congratulations to our volunteer award winner, Ian Dear !


Congratulations to Stryder’s long serving volunteer, Ian Dear, who was announced winner of the “NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year for the Sydney region”.  Ian has been volunteering at Stryder since July 2009 and during this time undertaken many roles which includes driving clients and being an active member of the management committee as Board Member, Vice President and President.

Stryder is an essential transport service and is an integral part of the lives of many elderly residents and younger people with diverse needs in the Northern Sydney Region. Stryder allows people to remain socially active and reduces isolation that is often prevalent with people who have limited access to transport due to their age or disability. Stryder are fortunate to have a  number of dedicated and selfless volunteers to support our Stryder community.

For Ian, giving time and energy to volunteering provides a sense of satisfaction knowing that he can help people remain connected, independent and have a better quality of life. This benefit extends to the families and friends, knowing their loved ones are in good hands.

With Ian’s wealth of knowledge, he is always willing to train and share any tips for new volunteers and staff members. During his time as President, he provided excellent mentorship and direction to the management team to support them in growth of the business. Ian brought his business acumen to the table including strategic planning, marketing and business development. He worked hard to ensure Stryder had and continues to have capable and skilled board members to govern the organisation through ongoing Government reform and change. Ian’s achievements are considerable, not only helping individuals but helping the organisation to grow beyond its grass roots  and enabling Stryder to work within a more competitive business environment while still having its charity work at its core.

If you’re interested in joining the volunteer team, you can read more on Stryder’s website or give Ann Marie a call in the office on 9816 5000.