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A Sense of Purpose – Reflections of a Volunteer


For most of his life, Chris Byatt has worked as the Asian Financial Controller of a large international reinsurance company. He has an Economics degree and is a retired Certified Practicing Accountant.

He enjoys his retirement playing golf, taking his grandchildren to and from school every day and volunteering for Stryder. Chris has been volunteering for Stryder for almost 14 years. When asked what made him decide to be a volunteer, Chris said, “My parents did a lot of volunteer work while I was growing up, and that influenced me to look for a volunteer activity to occupy some of my free time” He is particularly interested in taking cancer patients to treatments, “ because that is what I did for my wife for 15 months before she passed away. ” Working as diligently as a full-time employee makes him feel like a part of the team. Chris says, “Helping people is good for the soul and makes me a better person. It also fills in some of my free time with a worthwhile activity.”

Chris’s contribution to Stryder and the wider community is greatly valued.