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Curiosity Makes The Cat


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.’ – Albert Einstein

Are you ever curious what keeps driving some of us to learn and better ourselves, irrespective of age?

CQ, or Curiosity Quotient, is a term put forth in 2007 by @Thomas Friedman. It is one of the less heard-of “Qs”. The principle states that when curiosity is paired with passion while exploring new ideas, the results can be incredible regardless of any pre-wired ideas of one’s ‘intelligence’ like IQ or EQ.

Being naturally or purposefully curious helps to fuel the wheels of progress. Curiosity keeps the light bulb moment(s) coming. It is about not accepting the status quo. It helps us craft solutions to a range of problems – both personal and professional. These solutions can make us money, save costs, free up time, keeps us out of mischief, save us from boredom and even increase efficiency.

Curiosity involves taking one step and then venturing to the next without restriction. Whether finding solutions to problems or pursuing new branches of thought, an inquisitive mind is the key. With the incredible range of information and ability to connect with each other at our fingertips with a mobile or iPad, the world is indeed our oyster. Put on your CQ and let’s go on an adventure!