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Getting involved with Happy Hens


“We began as three local friends: Helen, Emma and Nicole, hence H.E.N. – Happy HENs! Our aim is to make Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Ryde and beyond an engaging, enjoyable and sustainable place to live, especially in our beautiful outdoor public spaces”.

Stryder is always happy to support the local community and groups. One such group is the ever so delightful, Happy Hens. With two Community Gardens on the go, Henley Green Community Garden and Bedlam Bay Community Gardens, these hens are always on the move.

When their shovels hit the dirt back in 2016, who would have thought that this very social little enterprise has been on one incredible ‘happy’ journey.  In October 2018, they hosted their first event “Bedlam at the Bay’ for mental health awareness which went on to win for their outstanding service to the Municipality, the 2019 Hunters Hill Australia Day Awards – Community Event of the Year.  They are huge believers in being green and sustainable and always have great projects.

They are all about community and getting people involved.

To find out more about future events or get involved and support the Happy Hens, visit


11 September 2020            RUOK Morning Tea

19 September 2020            Henley Growers Market