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Going Places with Business Partnerships



It goes without saying that businesses tend to do business with partners that have a great fit in business interest and serve mutual communities. Stryder is privileged to be in a business partnership with three distinctive organisations, respectively.

Stryder has recently been successful in a Community Grant with Transurban NSW. The grant has enabled increased brand visibility to the communities where both organisations service – Stryder in providing mobility access to its clients and for Transurban; in providing the quality road and toll infrastructure servicing communities in the corridors they reside in. This is a business partnership focused on a customer centric approach.

Another one of our wonderful business partners is Link Housing. Affordable accommodation and community transport are two key areas that form the essential fabric to the communities we serve. Having this partnership allows the organisations to mutually work together to transport their tenant residents to events.. We  are in regular discussions on better ways to provide mobility access; whether it is for an individual or group outings, it can be for example providing door-to-door transport for their in-residence Choristers to their Art Exhibition venues or in these challenging times, transporting the art pieces instead!

Flyer Delivery Guys have been supportive of our Vehicle Sponsorship Program where they have  taken a mobile billboard sponsorship for one of our three types of vehicles. Stryder in turn have our articles featured in their bi-monthly Business Publication ‘BiziNet’, providing us readership engagement with the corporate businesses across the Sydney region.

These business partnerships have enabled all mentioned parties to ‘Go Places’.

Please contact Virginia Coy or May Chang if your organisation is interested to explore a business partnership.


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