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Why the name change?


We are, and always will be a community transport service provider.  Yet ongoing changes to government aged care arrangements and the introduction of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) will or has affected our government funding arrangements.  Thus, the management and staff met with business and marketing consultants to discuss what Ryde Hunters Hill Community Transport (RHHCT) could, should and needed to do in preparation for a new business model and remain an association with unchanged Values or Purpose.

We determined our RHHCT name would not support our client growth objectives or represent the sources of revenue required to build a sustainable future.  That our ‘brand’ needed to be more contemporary and distinctive, to better enable us to promote and market ourselves in the evolving and competitive environment in which we serve.

We know we have always done more than simply help people who are transport disadvantaged, socially isolated, frail or disabled within a set area of no longer imposed boundaries.  So how might our brand inspire our community by our connections of a broader audience in Ryde, Hunters Hill and beyond?  What embodied the elements of us bringing people together in the way we know best:  trust, reliability, attention to detail, care, and the tendency to go above and beyond?

What will illuminate that we bring people together and connect them with everything they want to see and do?  Uphold our values – the things we believe in and use to guide our behaviour – and characterise what we offer our audience and the professional personality traits to influence how we behave today and tomorrow?

More research and workshops and we agreed on a new name that was directive and linked our proud 32-year history, that spoke “Take life in your stride, with extra mobility.  We can easily get you anywhere”

“Stryder” appealed to us for many reasons.  It sounds strong and confident and associated with stepping out, moving forward, going places, active and proud.  The link to ‘ride’ keeps the functionality of what we do top of mind and alludes to ‘being on a ride’ or ‘going for a ride’.  It is distinctive, sets us apart and gives a link to Ryde in its construct which helps us stay proud of our heritage and association to being local and community based.

We look forward to helping you under our new name and ever improving services.

Virginia Coy
General Manager