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You saved my life!


It was December 16th, 2013. Bev bit the bullet and decided to join the Community Transport Christmas Lights outing. This was her first time out with a group of total strangers. Bev never looked back. That night she met Norma, who has become one of her closest friends. They now go on outings together, see each other most weeks and if they don’t are always on the phone to each other.

A couple of years ago Bev lost her husband and not long after that stopped driving. This caused her to become isolated and depressed. She is so thankful that she found Community Transport because it “saved her life”. A life that was starting to become very lonely.

Talking to her today you would never know of the heartache she was going through. Her life has been turned around. If this story resonates with you, why not consider joining our social outings, or letting a friend know about our service. Our number is 02 9816 5000.